Dr. Greenberg and his staff rock! The entire staff takes your pain personally and treats you like family. I have suffered with back pain and migraines for over twenty years with minimal relief through pain medications, shots, therapy…you name it and I’ve tried it. With a bulging disk and arthritis in the lower back area, sitting in front of a computer all day, and dealing with stressful situations, I was very skeptical at first because of past attempts to be pain free. But from the moment I walked through the door, I knew that relief was on the way! Now that I have the healing hands of Dr. Greenberg and the massage therapists on staff, my quality of life has a healthier outlook! I can now exercise, make appearances and rip the runway without the constant back pain that was a hindrance . Their approach to patient care begins the total healing process for your mind, body, and spirit. My quality of life has increased tremendously and I feel great thanks to the family I now have at the Matlock Road Chiropractic Center!

Carole Lofton “Ms. Curvy Texas Classic 2012” – Arlington Texas


I am very grateful for Dr. Greenberg and his staff. I first came to see him with pain in my lower back. After a few adjustments, therapy, and massages, I have no pain at all! I still go regularly to maintain that great feeling. Not long after I started seeing Dr. Greenberg, I sprained my foot playing golf. Dr. Greenberg used therapy on my foot and it really alleviated the pain. Everyone in his office is always so friendly and responsive to my needs. And my favorite part about going is that he’s always on time! No waiting around. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Jennifer Wiggins, Attorney at Law P.C. – Arlington Texas



I’m a Customer for Life!! Dr. Greenberg and his staff have been our family Chiropractor for the last 15 years. He helped my mother with her neck pain and lower back problems. My sister with back issues and a dislocated hip after a bad car accident. My daughter Jacqueline with her sports injuries. I had been a patient for my regular adjustments. Then, I was in a car accident last year, where I was hit from behind. I had a sharp pain that was in my shoulder blade. I play tennis in city leagues and was very concerned that I would no longer be able to play. The doctor and his staff went above and beyond through my recovery. I am 100% now and I owe it to all to them.

Dina Maldonado – Grand Prairie Tx




I have had lower back pain since my teens, and as a young adult, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, which causes my muscles to tighten up. Chiropractic has always proven to be a non-invasive, effective treatment to increase my range of motion and reduce my pain level. When I moved to Texas several years ago, I knew I had to find a reputable practioner, as not all chiropractors are created equal, and I’m thrilled to have found Dr. Greenberg! Dr. Greenberg and his massage therapists help me manage my MS and helped me through my recent pregnancy as well. I fully believe that chiropractic and massage are a vital part of my regular healthcare, and Dr. Greenberg is a trusted chiropractor who genuinely cares about his patients.

Christy Womble – Mansfield Texas


After a fall from a ladder and sustaining a fractured vertebrae, I sought treatment at Matlock Road Chiropractic Center. Dr. Frank Greenberg and his staff regularly provide me with massage therapy, adjustments, and decompression therapy – one of the more recent services made available – no more proof needed that Matlock Road Chiropractic Center intends to keep up with the cutting edge of holistic care. The caring staff at Matlock Road is extremely attentive to all my concerns, and has always provided me with excellent, personalized, and KIND service.

Ian Hargis – Grand Prairie


“I spend at least 8 hours on the computer every day at work. I carry all of my stress in my right shoulder and neck. My upper back and neck get knots in them and very stiff. I have tolerated this pain for at least 10 years. I never had anything against chiropractic care, but I just didn’t think it would help with stress related problems. I have been treated by Dr. Greenberg for over a year now and I am amazed at how much better I feel. Due to stress in my job and the long hours on the computer, it doesn’t completely go away. But when it starts getting really uncomfortable, I go in for an adjustment and feel much better. When it is really bad, we couple my adjustment with massage therapy and it works wonders. Thanks Dr. Frank and staff… I really appreciate all you do for me.”

Tami Eaves – Arlington, Texas- Neck Pain


As a law enforcement officer with thirty plus years of service, I hate to admit I never had much faith in the chiropractic profession. I use to view chiropractors as someone who worked with attorneys to chase accident victims in order to make a quick buck. Whereas my knowledge of that profession was very limited, I never envisioned utilizing these services. That was then; now, my perspective has been completely changed by Dr. Frank Greenburg and his staff. I had a nagging pain in my left shoulder from a fall; however, there was nothing broken or that appeared dislocated from the injury. The lower back pain from wearing a uniform gun belt over the years was a constant reminder of my line of work. I was on the regiment of taking the occasional over counter pain pills when the pain became too severe for my daily routines. I thought I would just have to live with the pain until I met Dr. Greenburg and his staff during a work related health fair. I accepted their invitation for an office visit and consultation. After being treated about two or three weeks, I was amazed my pain was completely gone, in both my shoulder and lower back. The “adjustments” by Dr. Greenberg, along with the deep tissue messages by Charlotte, have become a part of my life. Cynthia occasionally has to use the heat or ultra-sound to stimulate the body, but all of the above techniques come highly recommended to improve your overall health. The best part is they work to make you fell better than you can imagine. Michelle will keep you updated on your appointments, so there is no reason to go around with pain which can be controlled by this group of professionals. Although I can’t speak for all chiropractors in the business, I can speak for Dr. Greenberg and his staff. They are truly an outstanding group of individuals, working as a team, to improve your health!

James – Northern Johnson County, Texas


Best patient experience, best care, best price. That’s how I’d sum up my visits to Dr Greenberg’s office. He and his staff are caring, polite, and don’t keep you waiting in the lobby. When I hurt my back recently I was in a terrible amount of pain and I knew I’d need special help. When faced with the decision of what doctor I’d go to see, the choice was clear; I went to Matlock Chiropractic. Unlike other chiropractors I’ve visited, Dr Greenberg isn’t out to make a quick buck by pushing the fear factor about your injury or pressure you into care you don’t need. He doesn’t lie to you or treat you like just another number, and he doesn’t give you unrealistic or inaccurate speculations about your treatment or healing time. Instead he looks carefully at your situation, talks with you in-depth, investigates everything, gives you a full examination before he even thinks about touching you.Rather than treat you with disrespect, he’s straightforward and honest with you about your treatment and the condition your body is in. Furthermore, he understands what it’s like to have back pain because he deals with it himself. Because he understands, he’s kind, gentle, and friendly. All of this takes the doctor-patient relationship to a special level where Frank isn’t just your doctor, he’s a trusted caregiver, wellness advocate, and a family friend. He’s got great equipment, a good location, and a long record of positive patient experiences. A final note for those concerned with the cost of chiropractic care: I would say not to worry about it with Matlock Chiropractic. Dr Greenberg’s treatments and services are priced very affordably for those paying out of pocket like me, or for others whose health plans don’t cover chiropractic care. You should take care of your back — you only have one. Let Frank and his staff take care of you and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Thomas Butler – Arlington Texas

Matlock Road Chiropractic Testimonial

My name is Gloria Kirby and I have known Dr. Greenberg since the Fall of 2004. He has helped me with back and neck pain. I have arthritis in my joints and when it came down to having to have surgery, Dr. Greenberg was gracious enough to refer me to a doctor that could help. Unfortunately, the surgeries helped for a while but then the arthritis affected the disc above. It is not bad enough for another surgery, so Dr. Greenberg suggested the spinal decompression. This has worked great. I don’t have the pain in my back or the muscle spasms I was experiencing. I would recommend this to any and everyone to try it. It has worked wonders for me. Dr. Greenberg and his staff are the best in town. I refer my family and friends to him. They are the best in taking first care of their patients.

Gloria Kirby – Mansfield Texas

Matlock Road Chiropractic Testimonial

I first started coming to Dr. Frank Greenberg at a very young age after being in a car accident. I had some serious back problems and pains that he was able to help me with. I am now 18 years old and to this day I still come to Dr. Greenberg to maintain my healthy spine. He has Magical Hands!!!

Christian Arnold – Grand Prairie Texas

Matlock Road Chiropractic Testimonial

April of 2014, I can’t remember the exact date, but we were in a car wreck. My wife didn’t go to work that day but I did. The next day her and I were both really sore from the whiplash from the wreck so we decided to go see a doctor or specialist to see what the problem was. We both decided to go to a clinic (K Clinic to be exact) to get checked out for our injuries. Well during the time my wife was getting examined I decided to pursue other avenues of therapy. I just wasn’t happy with K Clinics atmosphere or customer service. Well I googled Arlington Chiropractic and what do you know, Dr. Greenberg’s clinic came up so I called them. Corey and Michelle at Dr. Greenberg’s office sounded like they were very attentive to my needs so my wife and I decided to give it a try. I’m glad we did! We are so happy with the service, quality and atmosphere that Dr. Greenberg and all the staff showed us upon visiting their office. We received high quality adjustments, therapy and massaging by Melissa, when it came to fixing our backs and necks due to the accident we had in April. Plus I cannot say thank you enough for them recommending the attorney service. The attorney service has been very helpful as well. They were right there when we needed them to answer any questions and tell us about any procedures that were going to happen. Thank you so much for getting us back to a 100%. Thank you to all the staff at Matlock Chiropractic Center! We will always be in touch!

Derek & Stephanie Hoover – Arlington Texas

Matlock Road Chiropractic Testimonial

This was my first chiropractic experience ever! I was worked into Dr. Greenberg’s busy schedule with only a couple of hours notice. I was feeling nervous as well as having sharp pains in my lower back. He and his staff made me feel welcomed upon my arrival. Dr. Greenberg followed the therapy session with an adjustment. I left the clinic feeling much better! With the clinic closed for the next three days, I left very well equipped with home care instructions to get me through till Monday. My heartfelt gratitude goes to Dr. Greenberg and his excellent staff at Matlock Road Chiropractic Center.

Maryann – Arlington, Texas

Matlock Road Chiropractic Testimonial

I was injured in a car accident on Christmas day 2014, where an SUV rear-ended me in my car. I had an extreme case of whip lash with the pain in both my neck and lower back. I was seeing a chiropractor in Austin where I lived for the first 2 weeks after the accident, but when school started back up for the spring semester at UTA, I had to move back to Arlington and find a new Chiropractor. Having seen little results in Austin, I was skeptical at really spending time looking for someone else here. I had constant pain and could not even sleep through the night without getting up 3 or 4 times. But now, I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am that I found Dr. Greenberg. After just 3 weeks, I felt so much better that I can even sleep through the night again without the help of over the counter sleep aids.

Dr. Greenberg is so knowledgeable and skillful that he is what you expect to see when you think of a great Chiropractor. He and his staff are helpful, kind and very accommodating with my busy schedule of school and work. When the accident first happened they told me I probably wouldn’t be able to exercise without pain or discomfort for months. But after just 6 weeks of seeing Dr. Greenberg, I have started exercising on my own and I feel great. Whether I’m jogging at the gym or sitting for hours on end studying for test; I can do it and feel comfortable the entire time. Dr. Greenberg is a great guy who genuinely cares about the health of his patients, and I will continue to recommend him to everyone I know.

-Jonathan Roman – UTA Student